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Quality Assurance

J Kelly Referrals meets very high standards due to its quality control processes. We enforce our policies and procedures and consistently educate our staff on the high standards of the industry. We expect employees to learn these standards prior to undertaking their work to ensure that they keep pace with changing conditions.

This commitment to quality translates into timely and accurate work, and into a value-added proactive approach to problem solving. We utilize a process of daily report analysis to ensure we are meeting the customer’s objectives for both our response to calls and how those calls were handled.

The type of data that we collect and use to assess our performance, and when needed, to implement improvements, include the following examples:

Daily Call Statistics Analysis

1. Total inbound calls, total calls answered, total calls abandoned.

2. Outbound calls made from the call center for the day. These calls include follow-up to clients, calls to other facilities, and calls to the translation line for non-English speaking clients, etc.

3. Number of calls answered in seconds, e.g., 0-20, 21-40, 41-60.

4. Average wait time in seconds before a call is answered.

5. Average call duration for calls in a single day.